Canada – Land of Licenses

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I could never figure out this whole gay marriage thing. I am not against gay relationships at all. But I don’t understand why people would even want the government to regulate their marriages and relationships. It makes no sense to me.

Many people have mythical ideas about marriage licencing and think it is “traditional.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, since humans have been involved in getting married and in relationships, the idea of the government being involved is actually a relatively new thing. Humans managed without government licencing of relationships for thousands of years. But it seems sheople just love licenses.

I’ve been reading with interest the potential for industrial grade hemp. It’s pretty amazing the number of products, both health and utility products, that can be made from this amazing plant that was suddenly banned after having had centuries of use.

I was spending some time learning about this, and discovered that in Canada, you need…… a license… to grow industrial grade hemp. It is against the law for me, to plant industrial grade hemp seeds on my property… unless the government licences it.

How insane is that?

In order to grow hemp or manufacturer hemp products you must have a license. Health Canada license forms and information are located online here.
~ Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

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