Protect Your Bitcoin Wallet Passphrase!

“Oh my gosh!” Yes, those were the words (actually, there were a few more that I said out loud in a fit of panic) I exclaimed the other day. After writing about the jump in value of bitcoin a few days ago, I realized it had been sometime since I opened my Bitcoin wallet and

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Province Credit Rating Downgraded

Ontario used to be a very wealthy Province in the Dominion of Canada. For decades, it was often seen as the economic engine that kept the rest of the country going. However, it seems under many years of Liberal Party rule, Ontario is heading towards economic disaster. It was announced on Monday, that Standard &

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Bitcoin Up 10%

It’s been some time since I had an interest in Bitcoin. I wish I had taken an interest when it first came out. The problem was, I didn’t really understand it. I should have taken more time and got in on the ground floor – I know a couple of people that literally made enough

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