100 Push Up Challenge

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Ok, I’m going to take the challenge. Have started before, but something always comes up. Like…. a sprained wrist caused by excessive… sex. Yes, that’s it.

When you hit the age of 42 like I have, you have to find ways to stay motivated to keep in shape. Around that age, things start to “fall apart” and combined with other responsibilities, it can be difficult to maintain a good level of fitness. Which means, it can be even more difficult to get back into shape if you have forgotten about the maintenance part of it.

I once got up to having the ability, strength and endurance to do just over 30 repetitions of pushups. I’m not sure what stopped me from continuing on; if I recall it was some forgetful days after some major partying that went on. But, I don’t really recall exactly. Because the partying made me forgetful. I think that was it.

So today, I was able to do a full 12 reps of pushups. Then I tried a second set and got to about 7 before my arms totally collapsed and I could not eke out one more. But that’s fine; at least I have a baseline and know what I need to do and how far I must go to get to 100 pushups. Perhaps I’ll start with a more manageable goal of about 50 for now. If I can get to 50, I’ll be happy and my pectorals will be starting to put on some muscle mass that I’ve lost in the past ten years.

I followed the training suggestions at the 100 Push Up Challenge website to get to the 30 pushup mark back when I was doing that. It does work, and it is hard at first. But that’s ok. Working hard will get my muscles hard again. That and with eating good sources of protein along with lots of vegetables and a diet very low in sugar. I know.. some people claim you need to eliminate sugar, but I’m not ready to do that just yet. I need my “double double” coffee in the mornings (double shots of cream, two heaping teaspoons of sugar).

Join me and check out the 100 Push Up Challenge Website: http://www.hundredpushups.com/

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