On That Push-Up Quest..

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Remember the challenge?

Yeah… about that.

Well.. I was getting close to 35 push-ups… and again, it happened! I might have to focus on some wrist strengthening or something. Actually, they are pretty strong… I’ve done grip strength tests which also include wrist strength… and they always have come back with with pretty high results.

Maybe it’s something else – but my right wrist just seems to have a tendency to get injured with some kind of sprain. I have had a bone chipped and fractured a few times in my right forearm; not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Time to go to the doctor?

But as I was saying, I was getting close to 35 push-ups and feeling pretty good overall and then the wrist strain set in. It’s always very discouraging. A couple of weeks rest is of course helpful, but two weeks can also cause one to get out of their routine, which is what happened to me. So, we’re sort of starting over again – I can do 20 in a row and my son is being very encouraging.

Any ideas on why or what I can do to get this right wrist strain and sprain proofed? Or is it something I just might have to live with and adjust to?

Any and all ideas would be awesome!!

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