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Recently, I wrote about the flag and symbol debacle going on in the USA and called it “Tyranny Of The Offended.” Of course, the USA is not alone in this sort of tyranny – even in Canada, the Upper Canadian Law Society is getting involved (you’d think they would know better, lawyers and all.. supposedly defending freedoms and rights…).

It seems that a Christian higher school of learning, Trinity Western University (TWU) wants to have a law school. Problem is, it asks its students to sign a “covenant” or agreement in regard to behaviour while a student at the University. Part of this behavior includes not engaging in homosexual behavior, not swearing, not being drunk, no sex outside of marriage, etc. Basically, if a potential students want the privilege of attending (and yes, attending any higher educational institute is a privilege – Universities in Canada have many criteria by which they will accept or not accept students) TWU, they must agree to a code of ethics or behaviours that are important to the administrators of the University.

Well, the Law Society has apparently decided this is “discriminatory.” Therefore, it will not allow TWU to have an accredited law school within it’s University.

Personally, while I wouldn’t be able to sign the covenant myself, nor do I have a problem with gay lawyers (I even hired one once, because he was good and I could afford him at the time), nor do I have a problem with people who choose a particular life style, I find it idiotic that the Law Society has basically said, “We don’t agree with the right to associate with you want, no matter how good your school might be, therefore we won’t recognize you.”

The problem is, I don’t have a right to NOT associate with lawyers who are members of the Law Society, if I live in Canada. By regulation and legislation, they are given the sole right to regulate lawyers and if a person, regardless of how well skilled (or affordable) they might be, for whatever reason, is not a member, they cannot call themselves and practice as lawyers!

In other words, the Law Society has been given legislative authority to act as a tyranny. And in this case, a tyranny against a University for simply asking their students to abide by a certain set of rules and conduct while in attendance at the school. If you don’t like the agreement you are asked to sign, you don’t have to apply.

Karen Selick (an atheist herself), one of my favourite thinkers, has her own wonderful and of course, logical response to the Law Society’s tyranny, here: Be sure to read it.

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