Bike Lanes In Guelph

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I’ve lived, for a time, in the beautiful City of Guelph and often have enjoyed cycling in and around the municipality. It’s a lovely city that is surrounded by rural area, and is also home to the University of Guelph, an agricultural institution of learning. Just north of the small city, located in Ontario Canada is a conservation area called “Guelph Lake Conservation Area” (imagine that!) and cycling to it from downtown is not a difficult trip.

However, there are times especially during rush hour, when cycling can be a bit nerve wracking in some parts of the city. Many of the residents are quite environmentally conscious – it was one of the first places in Canada where sorting through your trash to separate organics from non-organic trash and recyclables, became a law.

The city council there, as I recall, mostly seemed quite positive when it came to ideas about encouraging more physical activity and less driving, but as I wrote, cycling during some times of the day in some areas wasn’t always easy.

So that’s why today, when I was browsing the newspaper online of my former stomping grounds, I was quite heartened to read the headline: “Construction of cycling-walking path on Woodlawn Road to begin soon.

That is fantastic news from Guelph’s cyclists! While it is not exactly bike lanes dedicated only to cyclists, but a path that is designed to carry both pedestrian and bike traffic, it’s a great idea and obviously bike enthusiasts will be very happy with the announcement.

It would be great if more municipalities put the safety of cyclists and pedestrians onto their agendas and did this sort of thing. I realize it can be difficult in some places and I’m not so extreme that I think roads should be closed to motorized vehicular traffic, but where it can be done, making it easier for cyclists, joggers and walkers will make towns and cities a much more enjoyable place to live, work and play.

More on the announcement at the Guelph Mercury.

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