More Pushup Variations

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The other day, I wrote about some variations on the traditional pushup, including modifications that work the laterals and obliques. Today, I was looking for some other challenging pushups that I could try and came across a video at youtube. Watching what these guys can do is pretty amazing!

One thing I’ve found is that as I get a bit older, I can feel some strain on my wrists when I do pushups and did a bit of research. I’d hate to think that trying to do an exercise that should help improve strength might also cause some damage to some joints. I discovered that it’s a fairly common problem to have some wrist strain when doing this exercise. To help avoid it, it’s recommended that you actually warm up the wrist and finger joints with some stretching before attempting your pushups. I have been doing that and I find that it definitely does help!

So give that a try if you are experiencing some aggravation in your wrists and fingers.

Here is the video I found with other variations. I would love to get to the point where I could be doing the handstand ones – but I can’t even do a handstand, let alone pushups while doing that! I was always very envious of people that were able to do handstands; perhaps that is something I should try to work on.

Enjoy the video!


  1. Jim Halbach

    Dude! Those are wicked! Got some new ideas for my calisthenics routine.

    • admin


      Yes! Work some of those pushup mods into your routine and do it regularly, you’ll be needing to buy new larger size shirts soon! :)


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